3 Feb

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Professional gamer

Okay, maybe the word ‘gamer’ is taking it a little too far. However, contrary to popular belief, video games have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to us, both physically and psychologically. Don’t believe it? Keep reading!

1. Video games improve cognitive abilities
Your mother probably wouldn’t approve, but this rings true especially for violent video games. The American Psychological Association (APA) found that people who spend some time playing shooter or zombie games have improved spatial navigation, memory, analytical skills and perception. These kind of games enable players to visualise in three dimensions, says APA, and can directly implicate career and education development. Let’s shoot some zombies!

2. Video games improve motor skills in children
Motor skills are the basic physical skills we need, like balance, stability and coordination. They are most easily developed as young children, and for a long time it was widely believed that only sports and physical activities can help develop such skills. Now, scientists in Australia have discovered that children who play interactive video games have better object control skills than children who don’t. Who said children shouldn’t play video games?

3. Video games improve moods
If you’re feeling moody, try playing a round or two of Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Silly as it may sound, simple and easy games promote happiness and relaxation, at the same time beating depression and anxiety too. According to scientists, video games also help build emotional resilience through failures. Another great reason to pick up a console!

4. Video games slow down the ageing process
Before you throw away your facial creams, let’s get one fact straight: we’re talking about mental ageing process here. According to a study by University of Iowa last year, old people spending a couple of hours a week on virtual puzzles and crosswords can slow down their natural mental decay up to seven years. Like any exercise, such puzzles are designed to provide a workout for our brains to make them stronger. Now you know what to get your grandparents for their birthday!

Who needs more reasons to buy a video game console? Remember one thing, though – everything in moderation.