1 Jul

  • By Yogeetha Jeevan
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Jaguh Gemilang

Heads up, kids! Starting this month, there are some changes to the timetables. Be sure to check this article out and see if you need to reschedule your tuition times.

SPM students, do take note – there is a crash course organised by PTJG starting July. If you’re interested, check the timetable out here.

Those in Standard 3 and 4, please refer to the new timetable here. Standard 5 and UPSR warriors, get your brand new timetable here.

If you’re in Form 1, your timetable is right here, and Form 2 students can find their changed timetable here.

Form 4 students, don’t worry – your timetable wasn’t forgotten, it’s right here!

Do take note of the timetable changes, and have a great second half of the year ahead!