1 Feb

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What is the world’s most widely-spoken language? Surprise, surprise – it’s not English. In fact, it is Mandarin, spoken by more than 1 billion people around the world. However, one cannot deny English’s importance in any way. English is our ticket to the outside world, a language that has become synonymous with technology, world business and cross-cultural relationships.

Why learn English?

Well for one, it is a language commonly learned in schools around the world. From Malaysia to South Africa and Netherlands to Hong Kong, children around the world are exposed to this language right from the beginning of their schooling lives, if not from home.

All major professions in the world use English as a medium of communication. Scientists, engineers, lawyers and doctors depend on English to communicate and get their point across. For example, there is an organisation called Doctors Without Borders comprising volunteer doctors and specialists who fly around the world to perform medical services. They all come from different countries and backgrounds, but what unites them and enables them to work together is the language they use – English.

Knowledge seekers will know that without English, one may not be able to access the complete treasure trove of knowledge in libraries and the Internet. A lot major scientists and innovators used English in their observations and notes, like Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and the likes. Most references for tertiary studies are written in English, simply because they are used around the world. You could be the world’s most innovative person, but without English, your ideas may not infiltrate the world and influence it as much as you’d like it to.

English makes you employable! Employers around the world nowadays look for people who can communicate and write in the English language. Countries like United Kingdom and America depend largely on English-speakers, and deftness in the language definitely gives you an edge over the rest of the job-seekers. English opens up opportunities for you, regardless of your age, race, gender and skin colour. It is a true unification factor!

So learn English, and have fun while doing it. It will take you places!